Sustainable Investments

priceSustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) is a broad-based  approach to investing that now encompasses an estimated $6 trillion, according to the US SIF Foundation’s 2014 Report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in the United States.  This represents more than one out of every six dollars under professional management in the United States.  SRI recognizes that corporate responsibility and societal concerns are valid parts of investment decisions and considers both the investor’s financial needs and an investment’s impact on society.
Investors encourage corporations to improve their practices on environmental, social, and governance issues.  This approach to investing may also be referred to as mission investing, double bottom line investing, ethical investing, sustainable investing, or green investing.

We focus on providing financial plans and investments that are congruent with our clients’ values.  We assist individuals with developing holistic strategies that reflect their financial, personal, and social goals.

At our initial consultation, we spend time discussing what is important in your life and how those objectives impact your financial decisions.  Together, we develop goals and priorities, and gain a sense of how we can best work together to achieve those goals.