When you work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, you are working with a professional who has pledged to put their clients’ needs first (contrast this with a “financial advisor” who makes a living selling products and generating commissions).  As a fee-only practice, we act in a fiduciary capacity to provide advisory services on an hourly basis and do not sell any products or accept incentives in any form from any entity.  If you allow First Affirmative Financial Network the privilege of managing your investments, your fee will be based on the amount of assets under management.

Professional Investment Management (Minimum $100,000 investable assets).

  • A variety of dedicated investment managers are given discretion to manage your account according to your Investment Policy Statement(which is based on your goals and values).
  • A fee for asset management is deducted directly from your account on a quarterly basis.
  • Individual stocks are an option for clients with investable assets over $250,000.

Hourly Consultation: $175/hr. (No minimum balance required).  May include any or all of the following:

  • review of your current portfolio,
  • an asset allocation analysis,
  • creation of a financial plan,
  • second opinion,
  • social screening issues.

As a FEE-ONLY advisor, we do not recommend products or services that pay commissions or loads.  Upon request, we will gladly provide an estimate of your fee prior to engagement.