Whether you need professional money management or a retirement plan, a one-time financial consultation or a second opinion, our initial appointment will consist of discussing your desires, aspirations, and developing a plan of action. 

  1. Complete Client Profile.
  2. Send ADV prior to first meeting.
  3. Sign Investment Advisory Services Agreement.
  4. First appointment – discuss expectations and goals.
  5. Create first draft of your investment plan.
    1. Make updates and adjust assumptions.
  6. Review investment plan together.
    1. Discern what changes, if any, are necessary.
  7. Follow up appointment 45 days later.

If your path to financial independence includes professional money management, the following steps apply:

  1. You will complete a Confidential Client Questionnaire.  We will get a snapshot of your current situation and determine the most appropriate path by defining your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and societal priorities.
  2. We will review your Investment Policy Statement, which will serve as a foundation on which to build your portfolio.

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