Vegan Investing

priceThe saying that perfect is the enemy of good holds especially true with humane investing.  More and more frequently I find myself having a similar conversation with prospective clients interested in investing with accordance to their values.

“What about company xyz?” “Doesn’t abc company do x?” 

Do not shy away from investing with your values for fear of not having every issue addressed just exactly the way you would have hoped.  This mindset causes many people to do nothing, resulting in their portfolio potentially suffering(“suffering” to the extent that their funds are either invested in completely offensive holdings or worse, not invested at all).  If it sounds like I am doing my best to make a case for humane investing, then you are 100% correct.  I believe more so than ever in the importance of letting companies know what we will and will not tolerate.  Are companies in your portfolio hiring people to help make cigarettes that will entice women in developing countries to smoke more?  “But they pay a great dividend!”, you counter excitedly.  If that is your number one priority, then responsible investing—nevermind “humane” investing— is most likely not for you. 

I believe most people would agree that there are some issues that are non-negotiable.  As a vegan I shudder to use the “sausage” analogy, but do you really want to treat your investments like some people once viewed their food(don’t think about what is in there or how it got there, just enjoy it)?